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Since 1996 the humanitarian organization People against Landmines (Menschen gegen Minen) is working on deming projects and projects of infrastructural rehablitationin in dangerous post-war scenarios in the Southern Africa

Result of People against Landmines (MgM) in Angola

Demining results of MgM18 years of MgM work

For 18 years we have tirelessly been operational in southern Africa conducting humanitarian demining work, to grant people living in conflict areas a safer life and a human future. We are proud of our and we still have a lot of intentions.

Demining Malanje

Malanje mine clearanceMalanje mine clerance report and funding requirements

MgM were asked to assist in the demining of the Malanje province with EU funding, by removing at least 10% of the hazardous area, with the highest priorities and impact. These were the ones with the perceived greatest threat to the lives of the families who needed to return to their homes.

Now that the perceived threats have been removed from around Kalandula, and Kiwaba Nzoji, life should return to normal. However, there remains concern about the possibility of mines being in, or under, a large bund wall along the western side of the Kiambata 2 and northern side of Kiwaba Nzoji 1 minefields.

Demining Kuando Kubango

Kuando Kubango Mine ClearanceHelp building a future for Kuando Kubango province

After previous funding from the EU ended, the demining task in Kuando Kubango was suspended in 2012. Since then MgM focused on demining in Malanje. Then, during August 2014 MgM received notification that the organisation had been allocated the new contract for the South-east Kuando Kubango Province from the EU. Preparations were immediately made to start demining again!

Report: 25 years of Civil War in Angola

 War and landmines in Angola25 years of civil war leave behind a shattered nation

Until today, nearly 10 years after the end of the war, Angola is still suffering the consequences of the dreadful civil war. Many traumatised people, including former child warriors and rape victims have to find a way into modern life. It is estimated that some hundred thousand people have to life with mutilations from landmines – nobody knows the exact number.

Need for Private Funding


There is an immediate need for Private Funding to drive forward an initiative MgM needs to push forward in Malanje Province. MgM has the equipment, resources and expertise to make this project a success, the demining huge piles of mine infested earth that present a definite threat to local communities, we just require money to start this emergency project.

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Info - The global mine problem

Interview - Haller Da Silva

Haller Da Silva

An interview with MgM Angola national manager Haller Da Silva talking about his job for People against landmines: Interview with Haller

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