Reggae against Landmines

Reggae against landmines

Reggae against Landmines
Volume 1. Initiative for the support of MgM’s movement against landmines

Reggae against landmines

Reggae against Landmines - The third edition is being produced

Music album for the support of MgM’s work

A unique initiative for the support of MgM’s movement against landmines started early in 2011. Ten well-known artists performing Reggae music, which has its roots in Jamaica and is not only enjoying a high international popularity with the young, have written songs for the first and second edition of the REGGAE AGAINST LANDMINES Sampler.

REGGAE AGAINST LANDMINES was initiated by the music label OHM GROWN RECORDS: „On the one hand our aim was to publicize the issue to a broad and especially to a young audience and to point out, how dangerous landmines still are. On the other hand we like to contribute directly to the demining work with the income generated through REGGAE AGAINST LANDMINES, which goes completely to MgM. In order to donate as much as possible we refrained from producing an intricate and expensive CD and instead have publicised the sampler as MP3 album in online shops.

The outcome is two artistically valuable albums which can be downloaded from the internet worldwide. In Germany one can buy REGGEA AGAINST LANDMINES Volume 1 and Volume 2 at Amazon for example. Just visit and look for Reggae against Landmines.

The third edition is being produced, some songs are still missing. Should you be a Reggae artist and would like to donate a song you are welcome to contact us at with the reference Reggae against Landmines.

Need for Private Funding


There is an immediate need for Private Funding to drive forward an initiative MgM needs to push forward in Malanje Province. MgM has the equipment, resources and expertise to make this project a success, the demining huge piles of mine infested earth that present a definite threat to local communities, we just require money to start this emergency project.

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Info - The global mine problem

Interview - Haller Da Silva

Haller Da Silva

An interview with MgM Angola national manager Haller Da Silva talking about his job for People against landmines: Interview with Haller

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